Link Your Way to Victory! Keynote

When the doctor called in the middle of a homicide trial, a battle of a different sort began for Kathleen Deal, the prosecutor – a tough battle with cancer. Kathleen determined from the start to don the spirit of a warrior and claim victory. That was 22 years and many valuable lessons ago! Kathleen shares one of the powerful techniques she utilized – LINKING one challenge to another to achieve victory. She linked her journey to conquer cancer with entry into the sport of horse show competition. In partnering with a Morgan horse (dubbed by her riding coach, ‘the Wonder Morgan’), Kathleen learned valuable lessons in communication, strategy, and the power of mindset. She arouses the imagination of your audience, and instills these universal lessons in adversity, teamwork, leadership and in life.


checkmark-squareThe importance of little things in obtaining understanding and victory, with specific tools such as ‘respectful acknowledgment’.

checkmark-squareTapping the power of mindset, in coaching others, implementing change, serving customers and maximizing performance.

checkmark-squareHow to ‘read’ communication preferences and respond accordingly whether in a competitive sports setting or crucial conversations.

checkmark-squareRecognize, claim and share critical victory moments. Understand the power of authenticity and appreciation.