Professional Speaker & Trainer

Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC Behavioral Style programs
For over 25 years, Kathleen Deal has educated and entertained audiences from industries as diverse as animal health, law enforcement, scientists, attorneys, and health care professionals. Her seminars and keynotes encompass an extensive cadre of professional, leadership and communication skills.

Link Your Way to Victory! Keynote

When the doctor called in the middle of a homicide trial, a battle of a different sort began for Kathleen Deal, the prosecutor – a tough battle with cancer. Kathleen determined from the start to don the spirit of a warrior and claim victory. That was 22 years and many valuable lessons ago! Kathleen shares one of the powerful techniques she utilized – LINKING one challenge to another to achieve victory. 


Most Requested Workshops

Focus on Regulatory and Law Enforcement

Interviewing Skills, Report Writing, Nonverbal Behavior Analysis, Testifying Skills for Deposition and Trial, Witness Preparation, Negotiating Skills, Transition Management, Listening Skills & Asking Effective Questions in making cases


DiSC Behavioral Style Communications Workshop

Envision work and personal situations where communications are more effective and smoother.  Participants have found great results with this, along with camaraderie.


Listening Mastery & Asking Effective Questions

Strong listening skills and a savvy for effective questions, including a non-verbal (body language) component, greatly improves performance in any endeavor.


Transition Management Workshop

Within all organizations and life in general, CHANGE is a constant. Customized to each group with applicable exercises, this session results in great camaraderie!


Championship Tip

Championship Tip

This week’s Championship Tip is taken from one of my workshops, Transition Management. This topic was originally developed for United States Department of Justice personnel. With the election, shuffling of personnel and positions occurs, creating anxiety which can affect performance. This workshop was tailored for business as well as government agencies.

“Ears perk up” with these tips on Creating Resilience. Participants are equipped with proven techniques for creating resilience in themselves and co-workers or clients. Here is a sampling, within each applicable exercises and discussion occur:

Similar to a trapeze artist, are you or your people in the NEUTRAL ZONE of transition or change?

Change has been identified – awareness exists
Implementation has started
Time in between – must let go of one bar to go to the next

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Organizations with which I've worked


Enthusiastic and passionate. You were a hit!
JJ Enterprises
Kathleen did a great job engaging an audience of over 100 people and made it feel like an intimate group where people felt safe to ask questions, share their challenging experiences as well as solutions that did or did not work.
Iowa Finance Authority
From start to finish, Kathleen Deal captures and holds attention! You don’t want to leave!
Integrity Education Systems
Conference attendees raved about Kathleen’s session, which was standing room only, interactive and relevant to day-today situations. We’d love to have her back!
Iowa Housing Conference
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